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When in Kyoto, do as many other tourists do – rent a kimono and spend an entire day strolling around in it. It’s probably the only area in Japan where kimono rental shops are a dime a dozen. Of course, Tokyo also has such shops, but Kyoto is more prominently associated with kimono rentals. But the next question is: which shop to choose from, when there are so many options? This being Japan, no matter which you choose, you’re sure to get excellent service, but if price is your consideration, you might want to choose Yumeyakata.

The average price range (inclusive of 8% consumption tax) for a kimono rental in Kyoto is 3,780-4,320 yen, so, at 2,700 yen, Yumeyakata’s is quite cheap. Its website says that its kimono rental plan is actually 5,000 yen (or 5,400 yen) with tax, so this cheap rate is only for those who make a reservation. Considering how it’s a wise idea to book an appointment beforehand, anyway, – you wouldn’t want to walk in only to leave empty-handed because the shop is fully booked for the day, would you? – you might as well do so.

Wearing a kimono from Yumeyakata in 2014

Another major advantage of Yumeyakata is that it has Chinese- and English-speaking staff to assist foreign tourists. Not all of the staff doing the dressing can speak English, but at least for the important parts like making the booking and transaction, the language barrier is not a problem. Yumeyakata is quite used to handling tourists.

For 2,700 yen (the price is similar for men, women, and children), the staff dress you in a kimono (no need to worry about not knowing how to wear one) and give you tabi socks (which you can keep), and you get to choose some appropriate footwear (you can choose from geta – clogs – or zori, which are sandals) and pouches to carry your valuables in. You’re supposed to leave the rest of your belongings behind, not only for your own convenience, but also probably as a security deposit.

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Yumeyakata also offers some add-ons to make your kimono experience even more worthwhile. You can get your hair fixed by a professional stylist for an additional 1,620 yen (with prior reservation) or 2,160 yen (if, upon arrival at your appointment, you suddenly decide to get your hair done). You can also rent a parasol for 1,080 yen, get a souvenir photo for 1,620 yen, or even have a professional photographer accompany you around Kyoto for 23,760 yen.

The author wearing a kimono from Yumeyakata in 2011
The author wearing a kimono from Yumeyakata in 2011 | Photo by Tiffany Lim used under CC

When you’re done, you can enjoy an entire day’s worth of a cultural experience. As a courtesy, please make sure to take good care of your kimono! While you won’t be charged for little things that can’t be helped, like a little dirt and a few stains here and there, you wouldn’t want to neglectfully or, worse, intentionally damage something that was lent to you in good faith. Besides, you’ll get charged 5,400 yen for serious damages such as tearing or cigarette burns.

You’re supposed to return the kimono by 7:30 pm, but you can also return them by 5:00 pm the next day for an additional 1,080 yen. If you can’t return the kimono by the same-day deadline, you have to properly inform the staff. Unfortunately, an extra day is the maximum amount of time you can rent a kimono.

Atop Kiyomizudera
Atop Kiyomizudera | Photo by Tiffany Lim used under CC

During summer, when it’s too hot to wear a regular kimono, Yumeyakata offers a yukata rental plan for 3,780 yen, which consists of not only the yukata and obi, but also geta and a pouch. It’s 7,020 yen for couples. Whether it’s a single or couple plan, you can also buy the yukata set afterwards for 5,940 yen per set.

Having tried Yumeyakata twice, I’d say that it has never disappointed me. Its location is accessible, its kimono selection is vast, dressing and changing facilities are spacious, and staff are friendly, prompt in their responses, and easy to talk to. Of course, the affordable price also greatly helps.

Regarding reservations, though, Yumeyakata is quite popular, so to get your desired time slot, set an appointment well in advance. People want to wear their kimono for as long as possible, so mornings get fully booked quite easily. During peak season, – cherry blossom season in April and autumn leaves in October-November – they get a lot of customers, so booking 2 weeks ahead might already be late.

Name: Yumeyakata
Pricing info: 2700 yen~
Address: Hosai Building, 353, Shiogama-cho, Nishiiru sakai-machi, Gojo-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
Location(s): Kyoto,
Access: Gojo Station (Karasuma Line), Gojo-Karasuma bus stop
Web: http://yumeyakata.com/english/
Phone: 075-354-9110 075-354-9110
Business hours: 10:00 am-8:00 pm
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