Ramen Girls Festival Nagoya

The name suggests this festival is only for women, but in reality it’s open to anyone. The reason it’s called “Ramen Girls” is because it’s part of a movement to get over the macho image that traditionally surrounds ramen and which some women find intimidating. The culture that they want to promote is that it’s OK for a woman to go and eat ramen by herself.

The festival itself is split into two parts, each with a different line-up of vendors. Part 1 runs from the 26th until the 30th, with a break for Halloween and then part 2 runs from November 1st until the 5th.

It’s a good thing that this festival runs over 10 days as consuming more than one giant bowl of ramen in a single sitting is a real feat, so to get the best out of it, you might have to go back on multiple days.

Entry is free, but each bowl will set you back ¥900

Venue: Yaba Park
Typical weather at this time
High: 20 ℃Low: 13 ℃
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Access: 353 m from Yabachō Station Meijō Line (M1)
0.6 km from Sakae Station Higashiyama Line (H1)Meijō Line (M1)
0.8 km from Ōsu Kannon Station Tsurumai Line (T8)
Web: http://www.ramengirls-fes....
Link in Japanese
Area: Aichi
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