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Arima Grand Hotel
1304-1, Arima-cho, Kita-ku, Kobe 651-1401, Japan
From ¥67,940 /night

Offering luxury for overnight and day guests alike, the Arima Grand Hotel is a great destination for food lovers and spa fiends alike.

Offering Western-style and Japanese-style rooms, the Arima Grand Hotel is centered on an extensive spa and hot-spring complex. It is also possible to book a private bath. The hotel has several salons on site as well.

Also at the Arima Grand Hotel is a restaurant offering the finest in local cuisine: Kobe beef, seafood from the Inland Sea and the Japan Sea, mountain foods, and the excellent locally made Nada sake. Kaiseki dining is a feature of the hotel’s gourmet offerings. Also be sure to visit the Ruscello Lounge and the Gachuan Traditional Tea Room.

The hotel offers a day use ticket, which costs about ¥3,650 on a weekday (¥4,150 on a weekend), and includes ¥2,000 in hotel coupons.

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