Osaka Guide

Osaka Guide


Osaka Castle and Park, Dotonbori, Amerika-mura, Shitennoji Temple.

Osaka is Japan’s second-largest city and the biggest in the Kansai region. While Tokyo was still a sleepy fishing village, Osaka was the commercial and mercantile centre of Japan. As such, it has a long and rich cultural tradition. The people are famously less reserved than their Tokyo counterparts and the cuisine is both unique and good value – unlike its stuffy neighbor Kyoto.

Getting There

As a transport hub, Osaka is second only to Tokyo. The Shinkansen (high speed rail) provides quick access from the west and the north east to Shin Osaka Station. Tokyo is two and a half hours away on the fastest Nozomi train, while Fukuoka is about the same distance away in the other direction. You can book your Shinkansen tickets from Tokyo to Osaka in advance online.

RouteAirlineOne-way FareBooking
Tokyo => Osaka ANA ¥8,596 (US$80) Details

Two airports serve Osaka – Osaka International Airport (also known as Osaka Itami Airport) within the prefecture and Kansai International Airport on an artificial island. Despite the name, Osaka Itami deals almost entirely with domestic flights while KIA deals mainly with international flights. The domestic cow cost carriers (LCCs) such as Peach, Jetstar Japan and Starflyer mainly use the less convenient KIA.

There are also frequent buses between Tokyo and Osaka that depart from various places in Tokyo. Check Kosoku Bus for prices and schedules.

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