Located a stone’s throw from Yodoyabashi, Yellow Ape Craft The Bottleshop & The Kitchen is a rather unusual craft beer bar and restaurant.

You can order from the fridge, but it’s much more fun to get an IC Card and pour your own beers. Just drop your card on the perch and start pouring. Just like a gasoline pump, the screen will show an exact reading of the quantity and the price of the beer you’re pouring. When finished, just take your card to the counter and pay for what you consumed.

The self-serve taps at Yellow Monkey Craft & Kitchen

The bar also has an extensive food menu with reasonably priced meals to go with your beer.

[price amount="1000"] for a plate of fish & chips. | Photo by Gregory Lane

We would recommend going with a friend. Due to the novelty, there are often large work groups so it’s not as easy to start a conversation as at some places.

The extensive selection of cans and bottles | Photo by Gregory Lane

Beers on tap included ones from US brewers such as Stone, as well as domestic brewers like Baird and Minoh.

The original Yellow Ape Craft is a five-minute walk from here.

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