Dragon Food: Fire Ramen in Kyoto
Pic: Lily Crossley-Baxter used under CC

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Places to stay Cheapo approved accommodation

  • Ski Hotel Chene Kijimadaira

    If you're looking for a super convenient, affordable place for hitting the ski slopes or getting some winter onsen action, then Hotel Chene Kijimadaira fits the bill. The hotel is right on the ski slopes with 27 western style rooms (with private […]

  • SJ Osaka Central

    SJ Central Osaka is a modern Hotel Style Apartment suitable for business travelers, couples, families or groups of friends. Interiors incorporating Japanese, business or natural Nordic styles have been crafted by Japanese interior designers. […]

  • Modern Apartment Handy to Osaka

    Apartment Osaka Sakai Ishizugawa 402 is an attractive, modern apartment in Sakai, Osaka prefecture's second largest city. From the closest station, it's just 16 minutes by train to Namba Station in the center of Osaka. The recently built […]

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