Sapporo is not just the beautiful capital city of Hokkaido, it is also a gourmet center in northern Japan. Of course you can rely on a sightseeing map to get around, but in Sapporo you can let your hunger guide you to some of its delicious local dishes!

Soup or curry? Soup curry

Japanese curry is already a bit unique in texture and taste, but soup curry will expand the world of Japanese curry for you. As its name suggests, soup curry is bit more liquid than the normal curry and it features more complex blend of varied spices and vegetables in bigger pieces. Combine this with fresh local ingredients from Hokkaido and it is no wonder there are more than 200 soup curry restaurants in Sapporo alone! Plus, each of them carries its own special blend of spices so finding your favorite one is the perfect foodie challenge.

Ramen of all sorts

miso ramen
Photo by isoe

Good news for ramen enthusiasts! Sapporo is truly renowned for its local miso ramen with its rich flavor of miso and chicken, pork or fish broth. Even if this local specialty is not to your liking, Sapporo is home to a wide variety of ramen so you will always found one that is. Ramen Kyowakoku located in ESTA, a shopping complex in front of Sapporo, features various establishments for a certain period of time for you to taste a great diversity of ramen.

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Plenty of fish

seafood donburi
Breakfast: a seafood-topped donburi dish | Photo by

Fresh seafood is also Sapporo’s undoubted charm. The capital city of Hokkaido has abundant supply from all over the prefecture surrounded by the sea, which is meticulously made into various superb dishes, not to mention sushi. Many of their izakaya (Japanese pubs) take pride in their wide range of fresh and high-quality seafood served at reasonable prices—so take advantage. Be it grilled, steamed or raw, Sapporo’s seafood will never cease to amaze you.

Delicious diary

After a long walk in Sapporo or feasting on the above-mentioned culinary delights, dairy-based sweets are the way to go. Hokkaido produces nearly 50% of milk in the entire Japan, so it is no surprise that its capital city provides numerous freshly made dairy products. Ice cream shops and vendors are scattered all around Sapporo to refresh people in summer days, and freshly baked tarts and cakes at a café will bring you joyful moment in winter. Conveniently located in Sapporo Station, Kinotoya Bake is one of the most renowned pastry franchises in Japan, so be sure to take some cute little tarts with you when arriving at or departing from the station.

Photo by Bjorn

Savoring local cuisine is always one of the best way to explore a new locale. Good food is easy to find in Sapporo, but the local dishes we just introduced are absolutely a must-try to enjoy the city to the fullest, with your stomach pleasantly full as well.

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