• Ohori Park pier

    Ōhori Park

    "Ohori" means "great moat", which points to the origin of the park as the moat for nearby Fukuoka Castle. Since 1929, the area around the great […]

  • Dogo Park

    Dogo Koen

    A Small park, Dogo Koen contains the grounds of Yuzuki Castle, which stood for 250 years between the 14th and 16th centuries. There are still the […]

  • Tennoji Park

    Tennoji Park

    A large park with gardens, ponds, museums, a zoo and even an ancient burial mound (kofun) near Tennoji Station. The grass area of the park is a […]

  • Nara Deer Park

    Nara Park

    A large public park in Nara which has many UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Todai Temple and Kasuga Shrine. The park is also famous for its […]

  • Odori Park

    Meaning 'large street' this isn't a park in the sense of swathes of green land, but it's a park nonetheless. Best viewed from the top of the […]