Most famous for “Fuji no hana” – hanging wisteria – Ashikaga Flower Park has plants that flower throughout the year.

Tip: Check the website to see what the hours and price is when you go.

The park’s authorities have created 8 different themes — they call “stories” — that cover the whole year:

  1. Heraliding Spring (early January-late February): Plum blossoms and winter roses
  2. Spring Flower Festival (early March-mid April): Tulips and cherry blossoms
  3. Wisteria Story (mid-April-mid-May): Wisterias and azaleas
  4. Rainbow Garden (mid-May-early June): Roses
  5. Blue and White Garden (early June-early July): Irises and hydrangeas
  6. Water Nymphs (early July-late September): Water lillies
  7. Purple Garden (early October-late November): Pansies and amethyst sage
  8. Bejeweled Flower Garden (end of October-late January): Violas, pansies and winter illuminations

The six different species of wisteria at the Ashikaga flower park are the country’s oldest and biggest: one of them is over 100 years old and its trellis covers an area of 1000 sq. meters (10763 sq. feet) while others, in various colors and shapes account for a big part of the park’s beauty and fame. And as you’d expect in a country obsessed with light, they are also illuminated during the annual festival; the sight is simply stunning!


Admission prices vary depending on the time of year. The adult admission price varies from ¥400 right up to ¥2,100, while children can get in from ¥200 to ¥1,100.


For those who want something more substantial than pictures — or who have maxed-out their SD cards (if you’re into nature, you can easily fill up an 8 GB one here) — there are two gift shops on the premises.

The biggest one is at the park’s entrance/exit and the other is inside the park; as often happens, they involve everything wisteria-related and even several things that aren’t but they could be (think purple teddy bears). Also, if you’d care to start your own flower garden, there is at least one big (actually huge) gardening shop; interestingly enough it doesn’t sell wisteria seeds.

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