Fukuoka Guide

Fukuoka Guide

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Tenjin, Hakata Dontaku Festival, Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival

With a population of 1.5 million, Fukuoka City (Fukuoka is also the name of the surrounding prefecture) is Japan’s 4th largest urban area after Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. It’s also the largest city on the island of Kyushu and the closest major city to Japan’s neighbours Korea and China.

Fukuoka has of a dual identity. The modern city was formed by a merger of the neighbouring municipalities of Hakata and Fukuoka, so Hakata is still a commonly used alternative name. The major train station in the city is even called Hakata Station.

Getting There

Along with the usual air, train and bus options, Fukuoka’s proximity to Korea means you can also get here by boat.

The slow ferry to and from Busan is called the Camelia Line Ferry and takes 6 hours. The fare is 9,000yen plus a fuel surcharge from Hakata Port or 90,000won if travelling in the other direction. The ferry makes the return trip once a day. The alternative is the faster but more expensive option is the JR Beetle Jetfoil which makes the trip in 3 hours with departures twice a day. The fare is 13,000yen plus oil surcharge and terminal fee. The reverse direction is 115,000 won + oil surcharge and terminal usage fee. The Camelia line accepts credit card while the Beetle is cash only.

Hakata Station is connected to the Shinkansen network, so you can use your Japan Rail Pass to get there quickly from Tokyo, Osaka or Hiroshima. You can also book single-use Shinkansen tickets from Tokyo to Fukuoka in advance. From Tokyo, the trip takes just under six hours.

The regular airlines (JAL and ANA) are quite expensive. Low cost carrier Starflyer is better value, but they’re not as cheap as you might expect for a flight of slightly under 2 hours. Starflyer has one-way fares for as low as 12,390yen from Haneda, but you should be prepared to book 28 days in advance and be ready for an early morning flight! From Kansai, the fares are from 12,940yen.

RouteAirlineOne-way FareBooking
Tokyo => Fukuoka Jetstar Japan ¥6,028 (US$55) Details
Tokyo => Fukuoka Peach ¥7,240 (US$66) Details
Tokyo => Fukuoka Skymark Airlines ¥9,418 (US$86) Details
Tokyo => Fukuoka ANA (All Nippon Airways) ¥11,701 (US$106) Details
Tokyo => Fukuoka Japan Airlines ¥11,805 (US$107) Details

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