• Tōchō-ji Temple

    Located a short distance from Hakata Station, Tōchō-ji is a temple with a long history but of relatively recent construction. The highlight of […]

  • Ishiteji Temple, Dojo Onsen

    Ishiteji Temple

    An extensive Temple grounds featuring a pagoda, cave and inner shrine as well as the largest statue of Kobo Daishi. This is the 51st Temple on […]

  • Kongobuji Temple


    The heart of the sacred mountain complex known as Koyasan, Kongobunji is a demure temple with a rock garden, kitchens and the famous willow room. […]

  • kyoto weekend

    Tenryuji Temple

    Tenryuji is a big deal in Arashiyama, and Kyoto as a whole - it is the top Zen Temple (out of 5), a registered World Heritage Site and the head […]

  • Kinkaku-ji Temple

    Literally the 'temple of the golden pavilion', this stunning gold covered building is considered to be one of the most beautiful buildings in […]

  • Shoren-in Temple

    A temple of the Tendai sect located in the Higashiyama district of Kyoto. The temple is also known as Awata Palace and was the temporary imperial […]

  • Shitennoji Temple

    Shitennoji Temple

    Originally constructed in 592 (and reconstructed many times since), Shitennoji is considered to be the oldest Buddhist temple in Japan. The […]

  • Yakushiji Temple

    Strictly symmetrical and one of Japan's oldest temples, Yakushiji was built in the 7th century in an effort to aid the recovery of Emperor […]

  • Kiyomizu-dera


    One of Kyoto's most famous and most scenic temples, Kiyomizu-dera is well known for the wooden veranda which offers expansive views of Kyoto. […]

  • Kofukuji Octagonal Hall Nara

    Kofuku-ji Temple

    Founded at the same time as the city of Nara, the temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring two pagodas, octagonal halls and a museum. […]

  • Ginkakuji Kyoto


    Overshadowed by its shinier sister temple, Kinkakuji, this is a much more relaxed affair - quite literally, as it's a zen temple. Meaning Silver […]

  • Todaiji Main Hall


    Todaiji was once one of Japan's Seven Great Temples and houses the world's largest bronze Buddha. As one of the main sites of interest in Nara, […]