Measuring 234 meters in height, Fukuoka Tower is billed as the tallest seaside tower in Japan. Although the observation deck is at a not quite as impressive height of 134 meters, it does present a spectacular 360-degree vista of Fukuoka City and surrounding islands.

Looking up from the elevator lobby
Looking up from the elevator lobby | Photo by Gregory Lane

As with a lot of these towers, they ask you to pose for a “free photo” before entering the elevator to the observation deck. You will get a free photo, but it’s black and white, blurry, and the size of a postage stamp, so you should skip it unless you want to pay for the larger color version.

Photo by Gregory Lane

Despite outside appearances, the mirror glass is just a facade with a tower structure hidden within. Consequently, there are only four floors—the ground floor and three levels of observation decks.

Fukuoka Tower view
That’s Fukuoka Dome peeking out there | Photo by Gregory Lane

For admission purposes, adults (aged 16 or older) pay ¥800. Children over the age of 6 are admitted for ¥500 while those aged 4 or 5 get in for ¥200

Getting there

Fukuoka Tower is not within close walking distance of any subway lines or stations. The best way to get there is by bus or to cycle.

To get there from either the Tenjin or Hakata Station areas, the easiest option is to take the number 6 (or 6-1) bus, which departs every 15 minutes. The bus departs from Hakata Station A bus stop and also from the Tenjin 1-Chome bus stop. The fare is ¥280 from Hakata Station and ¥230 or ¥260 from Tenjin 1-chome.

Our advice is to grab a rechargeable IC card (a Nimoca in Fukuoka’s case) to avoid having to work out the confusing Nishitetsu Bus ticketing system.

Should I go?

Fukuoka Tower gives you an interesting idea of the layout of the city, but it’s not a “must see” on a trip to Fukuoka.

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