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Kyushu Beer Festival – Fukuoka (Spring)


A craft beer festival located in the West Square of Maizuru Park with free entrance. Beers are only ¥500 to ¥0 yen each depending on how many beer tickets you buy.

Breweries in attendance include Far Yeast, Hokkaido Abashiri Brewery, Shimane Breweries, Kakuida Brewery, Munemasa Palace Brewery and Brewmaster. Strangely, Brewmaster is the only one that’s actually from Kyushu. In addition to beer, they’ll be serving lots and lots of meat, including sausages, yakitori and steak.

This year the opening hours are as follows:

April 26th: 3pm – 9pm
April 27th – May 5th: 11am – 9pm
May 6th: 11am – 7pm

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