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Smile Hotel Nagoya Shinkansenguchi
21-20 Tsubakicho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
From ¥5,000 /night

Smile Hotel is a cheap and cheerful hotel chain in Japan. Rooms are basic and could do with a lick of paint, but are otherwise a great option for those who want to travel cheaply while still maintaining their privacy.

What’s the hotel like?

Smiles on the building and at the reception. | Photo by Alex Ziminski

The hotel isn’t winning any architecture awards, but the receptionists do greet you with welcoming smiles. It’s a tall building with several floors and two elevators.

What facilities does the hotel have?

Built for a businessman on the go, this Smile Hotel has laundry facilities, a microwave, vending machines (including alcohol), rental pillows, and the ability to leave your baggage before check-in and after check-out.

What are the rooms like?

Smile Hotel Nagoya Shinkansenguchi
Decent size for one person, but a little dark. | Photo by Alex Ziminski

Single and semi-double rooms are around 11 square meters, which is just enough for one person. They also have double and twin rooms that are slightly bigger. The rooms are quite close together, and you may be able to hear semi-muffled noises through the walls. The heater and airconditioner are also a little loud.

There’s a nice desk for work, and a TV. Some rooms face a wall, so you won’t get much sun, especially as lamps seem to replace ceiling lights. This isn’t a problem if you are just using the room for sleep, though.

The bed is comfortable enough, if a little on the hard side. Pajamas and amenities are available on your room’s floor by the elevators. There’s a little wear and tear, but everything we used was clean.

Note: This hotel still has smoking rooms, so be sure you don’t book one by mistake if you’re a non-smoker!

bathroom in nagoya hotel
Bathroom is a little small but shampoo, conditioner, and body soap is provided. | Photo by Alex Ziminski

Should I order the breakfast?

Breakfast is available in either Western style (with toast, salad, and egg) or Japanese style (with miso soup, rice, and fish). Both come with ochazuke, green tea mixed with rice.

What’s the location like?

Nagoya has plenty to see. | Photo by Maria Danuco

The location is in the center of the city, so there are many stores, restaurants, and convenience stores nearby.

How is the access to public transportation?

The hotel is under 5 minutes from Nagoya Station, where you can access the Shinkansen and other train lines. It’s also under 10 minutes on foot from the highway bus station.

What points of interest are near the hotel?

Being close to the station means you have access to all of Nagoya’s sights.

Who should stay here?

If you are just doing a quick stopover in Nagoya, e.g. as part of a trip to the Ghibli Park, then this hotel is sufficient. It is also an option for those who want a private room but only want to pay hostel prices.

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