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Square Hotel Kanazawa
10 Shimotsutsumicho, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0917, Japan
From ¥5,000 /night

A smart and modern hotel, Square is in a great location—just around the corner from Omicho Market and the castle gardens.

Only opened in late 2018, the hotel is smart and bright, with plenty of fancy gadgets as well as some more traditional design to balance it (i.e. it’s decorated in the five colors known as Kaga Gosai).

From magnet lights to wireless speakers, in-room smartphones and dehumidifiers, it feels modern and far from your standard similarly priced business hotel, and has nice touches like yukata to wear to the baths. These are on the 13th floor with an indoor and outdoor option as well as a sauna to relax in.

There’s also a room with a cycle machine and treadmill they’ve generously called a gym, but you’re better off going for a jog around the castle grounds if you’re that way inclined anyway.

Rooms vary from compact to deluxe, with accessible options featuring wheelchair friendly design. Breakfast is optional, provided in the attached Bankers Street Cafe which uses ingredients sourced from Kanazawa and Hokuriku. Open throughout the day as a cafe, they also offer lunch and dinner options if you don’t fancy going out.

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