The Japan International Birdman Rally

Photo by Toyohara used under CC

From a jetty jutting into Lake Biwa from the scenic Matsubara Beach in Hikone City, “bird men” – mildly insane people in human powered flying machines – will attempt to fly as far as possible into the lake.

The event kicks off early – at 7:30am on Day 1 (Glide aircraft decision) and at the unholy hour of 6am on Day 2 (manpower propeller division). Some of the contestants take things very seriously while others are in it more for the comedy value.

Venue: Birdman Jetty
Entry: Free
Typical weather at this time
High: 30 ℃Low: 25 ℃
Powered by Dark Sky
Closest station(s): JR Hikone Station
Use the Japan Rail Pass to get here.
Link in Japanese
Area: Shiga
We do our best to make sure event info is correct. However, all event details are subject to change.

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