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Kyoto Art Fireworks

8:00pm – 9:00pm
¥7,000 – ¥12,000

Fireworks don’t usually need extra flair but at the Kyoto Art Fireworks, they’d disagree. Here, the fireworks run with the rhythm of the music.

What to expect

The Kyoto Art Fireworks are one the most popular summer fireworks events in Kyoto. The event is usually packed to the brim, with people arriving even before the gates open at 5 p.m.

Music, food stalls, and video displays keep the crowd busy before the show kicks off at 8 p.m.

The main attraction sees more than 13,500 fireworks set to the beat of several popular songs, including Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and John Lennon’s Imagine. The whole performance has been designed like a story.

Schedule 2024

  • 17:00: The venue opens to attendees.
  • 20:00: The fireworks performance begins.
  • 21:00: The fireworks end and attendees are directed to the exits.


The tickets for the Kyoto Art Festival vary depending on where you’d like to sit, and if you book in advance. If you’re lucky enough to get a seat from the advance lottery, you can get in for ¥7,000.

If you’re buying during the general release, tickets are either ¥10,000 or for slightly better seats, ¥12,000. You can also purchase picnic blanket seats for groups, which are around ¥10,000 per person.

How to get there

The Kyoto Art Fireworks Festival is being held at Kyoto Racecourse. The roads around the area will likely be busy, so we wouldn’t recommend driving. The easiest way would be to take the Keihan Railway Main Line to Yodo Station and walk for 2 minutes.

You can also take Kyoto City buses, or Keihan buses, and alight at the Keihan Yodo Station stop. From there, it’s a 5-minute walk to the racecourse.

Organizers may cancel events, alter schedules, or change admission requirements without notice. Always check official sites before heading to an event.

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