Sapporo White Illumination

22nd Nov–25th Dec, 2019
Photo by rimse.nefert used under CC

This winter light-up takes place at five different locations including Odori Park, Sapporo Eki-mae Dori and Minami 1-Jo Dori.

All locations switch on the lights on November 22nd, but while Odori Park finishes on Christmas day, Sapporo Station continues until Feb 11th and the remainder end on March 15th.


A long stretch of park headed by the Sappporo TV Tower, the main venue of Odori Park is close to Sapporo Station. While Nishi Hatchome Station is closer, it is only served by the Sapporo Shiden line. Getting to Sapporo from Tokyo is easy – we have some tips on the journey here.


Offering some of the best prices for clean, modern dorm spots, the Stay Sapporo Hostel has prices starting at under ¥2,000. Part hostel part hotel, Grids Sapporo is a popular spot offering bunks in dorms or smart hotel-like rooms – including very reasonable singles. Close to Odori Park, the Sapporo View Hotel is in a great location with modern and surprisingly spacious rooms.

Dates: 22nd Nov–25th Dec, 2019
Venue: Odori Park
Entry: Free
Nov 22nd (Fri)
Weather icon
Max: 8°C
Min: -4°C
Nov 23rd (Sat)
Weather icon
Max: 12°C
Min: 1°C
Nov 24th (Sun)
Weather icon
Max: 15°C
Min: 6°C
Nov 25th (Mon)
Weather icon
Max: 7°C
Min: -2°C
Nov 26th (Tue)
Weather icon
Max: 4°C
Min: -3°C
Nov 27th (Wed)
Weather icon
Max: 6°C
Min: -5°C
Nov 28th (Thu)
Weather icon
Max: -3°C
Min: -7°C
Nov 29th (Fri)
Weather icon
Max: -1°C
Min: -7°C
Powered by Dark Sky
Access: 330 m from Bus Center-Mae Station Tōzai Line (T10)
348 m from Ōdōri Station Namboku Line (N7)Tōzai Line (T9)Tōhō Line (H8)
0.6 km from Susukino Station Namboku Line (N8)
Web: http://white-illumination....
Area: Hokkaido
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