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Sat, Aug

Senshu Fireworks Festival

7:45pm – 8:30pm
¥3,900 – ¥5,500

Take in an explosion of panoramic fireworks at the Senshu Dream Fireworks Festival in Osaka.

For 2024, there will also be a fireworks display at Hamadera Park in Takaishi on June 2.

What happens?

This festival includes a ginormous fireworks display that lasts for around 45 minutes and with three separate launch points on the sea. Kansai International Airport lies just behind, so the planes taking off will be sure to get a real treat.

The festival won’t stop at fireworks; expect food trucks, performances, Bon dances, games, and even a drone show.


These are the tickets prices and details from 2023.

All seats in the venue are paid, and there will be nowhere to see the fireworks clearly outside the venue — except maybe from nearby Kansai International Airport. Tickets start from ¥3,900 for space on a leisure sheet — which you can take home; ¥5,500 for chair seats; and a whopping ¥220,000 for a 10-seat luxurious sofa experience. Get tickets here.

You will be able to enter the venue from 3 p.m.

Cheapo tip: If you wear a yukata, you can get a voucher worth ¥2,000 to be used at the venue (women only).

How to get there

The venue is Sennan Long Park, which is a 10-minute walk from Tarui Station on the Nankai Main Line. It’s about a 20-minute train ride from Kansai International Airport and 45 minutes from Namba Station in central Osaka.

Organizers may cancel events, alter schedules, or change admission requirements without notice. Always check official sites before heading to an event.

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