Setouchi Triennale 2019

26th Apr–4th Nov, 2019
Naoshima Pumpkin
Photo by Jean-Marie Hullot used under CC

Held once every three years, the Setouchi Trienalle is a world-famous contemporary Art Festival held on the islands of the Seto Inland Sea. The event was launched in 2010 to revitalise the struggling communities who have fallen victim to the depopulation issues of Japan’s rural areas. The islands have a unique laid back atmosphere and stunning scenery to go with the variety of art exhibitions and installations.

The theme for 2019 is ‘Journey through the Seasons’ and it will last a total of 107 days, divided into three parts. Spring Encounters runs from April 26th – May 26th, Summer Gatherings from July 19th – August 25th and Fall Expansions from September 28th – November 4th.

Tickets for the event can be purchased for all three seasons (4,800 yen or 3,800 in advance) or single seasons (4,000 yen). Guests under 15 enter free and there are discounts available for those between 15-18. There are some pieces with additional entry fees and the ticket does not cover entry to the Chichu Art Museum or the Teshima Art Museum.

Dates: 26th Apr–4th Nov, 2019
Venue: Benesse Art Site Naoshima
Entry: ¥3,800 – ¥4,800
May 24th (Fri)
Weather icon
Max: 30°C
Min: 16°C
May 25th (Sat)
Weather icon
Max: 31°C
Min: 17°C
May 26th (Sun)
Weather icon
Max: 30°C
Min: 19°C
May 27th (Mon)
Weather icon
Max: 30°C
Min: 21°C
May 28th (Tue)
Weather icon
Max: 23°C
Min: 16°C
May 29th (Wed)
Weather icon
Max: 27°C
Min: 14°C
May 30th (Thu)
Weather icon
Max: 27°C
Min: 18°C
May 31st (Fri)
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Max: 24°C
Min: 20°C
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Web: https://setouchi-artfest.j...
Area: Kagawa
We do our best to make sure event info is correct. However, all event details are subject to change.

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