Tohoku Jibiiru (Craft Beer) Festival

Photo by Keromi Keroyama used under CC

Taking place in Akita City, this beer festival features brewers from the northern part of Honshu. Brewers in attendance include North Island from Hokkaido, Iwate-kura, Tazawa-ko and the host brewery Akita Akura (or Aqula as they write it).

Entry is free and it will be held in conjunction with the Tohoku Meat Festival.

The festival has different start and end times on each day as follows:

Friday: 4pm to 9pm
Saturday: 11am to 8pm
Sunday: 11am to 4pm

Entry: Free
Link in Japanese
Area: Akita
We do our best to make sure event info is correct. However, all event details are subject to change.

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