Located next to the ocean in the town of Chatan on the southwest coast of Okinawa main island, American Village is a shopping and entertainment complex with a variety of shopping, eating and entertainment options.

With a huge parking lot in the middle, the whole place has a Disney crossed with a cheap strip mall feel to it. So if you’re looking for anything remotely authentic, this is not the place. If you’re just looking for some tacky fun and an escape, then the American themed shops, restaurants, theme park and cinema complex should do the trick.

Car park and ferris wheel at American Village, Chatan
Photo by Gregory Lane

Among the outlets are lots of brand shops, a branch of Red Lobster, and lots of places serving tacos, burgers and ice cream.

Shops at American Village
Photo by Gregory Lane

If you’re driving north or south along Okinawa island and you’re looking for an easy place to stop and grab an ice cream, then it might warrant a visit.

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