If you like an 80s-retro-comedy-soft-porn vibe with an vintage-Edo twist, then the Atami Adult Museum is for you.

Photo by Chris Kirkland

The museum is perched on the hill just below Atami Castle. Entrance is on the top floor with a love doll-esque mermaid and “turtle head” turtle welcoming you in (both of which are the only items you’re allowed to photograph in the whole museum).

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Photo by Kaori Kato

The exhibition is laid out over several floors, all rather dark with a ghost train vibe throughout. The first stage of the exhibition features Shunga sex position prints, Edo-era silk condoms, antique wooden dildos — all accompanied with traditional koto (Japanese harp) background music.

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Continuing deeper into the museum, there’s kitsch-elegant wallpaper, peep holes with tacky comedy porn vignettes, and interactive exhibits requiring you to twists handles, press boob buttons, and even ride on a tandem. It’s probably best we don’t try and explain in too much detail. Suffice it to say it really is a unique museum well worth the visit if you like a quirky, retro mildly adult experience.

Photo by Chris Kirkland

Access to the museum is via the Atami Ropeway.

A gondola return and museum entrance discount ticket costs ¥1,600—just present this coupon.

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