Welcome to the end of the road! Cape Hedo, or Hedo Misaki, is a scenic cape located at the most northern point of the island.

It’s a very scenic drive up island to get there, as you leave the resort areas behind and venture deep into Okinawa’s untouched northern area, Kunigami, also referred to as Yambaru.

Street Sign in Kunigami
Photo by Emily Dickson

With only one big road, Highway 58, to follow, getting there is pretty simple. Once you pass the Motobu Peninsula, the road winds its way along the coastline, through tiny villages like Ogimi, which boasts the most centenarians in the world.

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As you reach the cape, be sure to take a quick stop at Kayauchi Bantaa, a scenic look out point, and a power spot in local folklore.

View from Kayauchi Bantaa
Photo by Emily Dickson

Soon you’ll arrive at Cape Hedo, which has a parking lot, a small refreshment area, and facilities like bathrooms. From the parking lot, simply follow the well-worn footpath along the cape, and admire the amazing views all around. On a clear day (which is almost every day), you can see all the way to Yoron Island, which is part of Kagoshima Prefecture.

View from Cape Hedo
Photo by Emily Dickson

In the distance is a little hidden gem—look closely at the mountains and you’ll see a giant bird! This is a Yanbaru Kuina, or the Okinawa Rail Bird, which is only found in this part of the island. Jump back in the car and follow the road for a bit and you’ll reach this weird and wonderful observatory, with views of Cape Hedo. You can climb up into the giant bird too!

Photo by Emily Dickson