A tower of glittering glass, the JP Tower Osaka is a stone’s throw from Osaka Station. What can you do and see inside? Let us walk you through it, starting on the ground floor.


The floors between Basement One and the sixth floor are part of the KITTE Osaka complex. This multi-use area combines stores, cafés, restaurants, and services to create a pitstop to relax and revitalize.

The Basement Floor One is styled after a traditional Japanese shopping street, or Yokochō, with over 20 small restaurants and cafés. The focus is on light bites from around the world — you can stop for Japanese, French, Italian, or even Irish snacks.

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Heading upstairs, floors one, two, and three focus on shopping, with a few cafés mixed through if you need a break. Stores focus on high-end or artisanal clothing and accesories. Floor two in particular emphasizes Japanese artistry, with products from around Japan. You can buy speciality items from Hokkaidō, Okinawa, Hiroshima, and other prefectures, supporting local creators and traditional crafts.

Floors four and five are the restaurant floors, and both are packed with the breadth of Japan’s culinary options. Stop in for anything from sushi to soba, tempura to takoyaki. If you’re not feeling Japanese, there are also Italian and Chinese options on Floor Five, and a steakhouse.

Floor six is the service floor — while it does have a few cafés, the bulk of the floor is dedicated to clinics. Here, you can see a physician for illnesses, cosmetic treatments, or even laser eye surgery. But it’s not all medical though — you can take it easy at one of the two arcades on the floor, too.

Sky Theater MBS

Located on the sixth floor, this is a state-of-the-art theater complex. Visitors will be able to watch live performances — everything from plays to live music shows. You can check out the performance schedule on the Sky Theater website.

JP Tower Osaka

Once you clear the sixth floor, you’re into the tower proper. However, there’s not much point heading up, unless you’re staying at the The Osaka Station Hotel between Floor 29 and Floor 38. This luxury hotel offers easy access to Osaka Station, as well as spacious rooms and high-end dining. The hotel is scheduled to open in July, 2024.

Noe: JP Tower Osaka opened in March, 2024.