Celebrating the Art of Kaga Yuzen fabric dyeing, this small museum showcases beautiful examples as well as offering workshops, a chance to try on a Kimono or observe a demonstration.

The technique uses five colours, known as kaga-gyosen: indigo, crimson, ocher, dark green and royal purple to depict scenes from nature, often flowers, birds and scenery from the region. Using a shading design within outlines as well as portraying less-than-perfect scenes such as damaged leaves, the art is distinguished from similar arts from across Japan. Mainly used to create kimono, the hand-dyed fabric is completed after 9 stages and is carefully inspected to ensure a high quality is maintained.

At the center you can observe demonstrations, see traditional and contemporary examples, rent kimono and try workshops too. There is also a small shop selling distinctive, locally-made items. Kimono rental costs ¥2,000 within the building, ¥4,500 for an hour of strolling time and ¥6,000 for three hours of strolling time. Since the beautiful Kenrokuen garden is nearby, it’s ideal for an afternoon walk, plus you get a postcard of your new look to keep. There are also Yukata avilable for overnight rental in summer for ¥4,500.

Workshops range from ¥1,650 to ¥2,750 depending on the item you want to use (tote bags or handkerchiefs) and the technique (stencil or hand-dyeing). Reservations are only required for groups of four or more.

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