One of the simplest yet most impressive displays of many fetsival museums, the Kiriko Hall was specially designed to hold it’s taller-than-usual contents.

The region is known for their special Kiriko summer festivals which feature exceptionally tall lanterns (the kiriko). Paraded through towns and lifted by locals, the lanterns are impressive even when out of action.

Using genuine kiriko from years gone by, the hall plays festival sounds throughout – with chants, cheers and songs to carry the atmosphere of the festival nights into the hall. As you follow the floors for increasingly elevated views, there are videos of the annual event as well as information about other unusual local traditions. It doesn’t take long to do the full tour, but you might well find yourself going back for another look at the decorative floats – they even have seating so you can sit and admire them for a while.

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The museum is included in the Wajima Onsenkyo Furatto Pass and is located near the Wajima Marine Town Bus Stop (where buses to Kanazawa depart and arrive).

Kiriko Hall Display

Kiriko Hall Building