Set behind, but not directly accessible from the Daisetsu Museum, the Nakamura Memorial Museum is a museum established by industrialist Eishun Nakamura in 1966.

The museum is filled with items from Nakamura’s lifetime of collecting including tea ceremony items, scrolls, Kokutani ceramics, Kaga Maki-e lacquerware and even some works from French/Russian modernist Marc Chagall.

For ¥300, you can enjoy a cup of freshly made matcha and an anko filled wagashi sweet while admiring the garden. Before you begin, you can choose your cup from a beautiful selection of vessels. Anko (bean paste) isn’t too everyone’s taste, but it does go beautifully with the bitter matcha.

Admission to the museum is free with the Kanazawa City Cultural Facilities Free Pass.

Near the entrance to the museum is the entry to a small hillside Park which includes a micro hydro power station! The steps lead to the rear entrance if the Ishikawa Prefectural Art Museum.

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