A historical theme park which will transport you back to the Edo period, here you can try traditional agmes, activities, watch performances and more.

Explore Japan under the Tokugawa Shogunate – a time of peace, creativity and limited interactions with the outside world. The park has areas focusing on Ninjas, Samurai and Oiran, as well as opportunities to try their clothes and skills yourself. Favourite spots include an obervatory in the fire-watchtower, picturesque shrines and a merchant street to explore. Restaurants and street stalls serving up traditional treats like ramen, sweets, mochi and ice cream. A fully family-friendly environment, this can be a fun afternoon out and is easily accessed by private or public transport from Noboribetsu onsen town.

Entry fees have some discounts including for handicapped individuals, and the children’s fares are divided into ages 6-12 years old (1,500) and those younger (600 yen).