A theme park dedicated to traditional Okinawa culture, Ryukyu Mura is the perfect place to experience first hand the spirit of the islands.

This attraction is big on performances and arts and crafts, so if you wanted to try playing the local instrument sanshin, painting your own bingata, or making your own colourful shisa, this is the best place to do it.

Styled like a traditional Okinawa village, Ryukyu Mura uses the typical architecture found on the islands, with red roofed tiles, wooden floors, and stone walls.

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Entrance to Ryukyu Mura
Photo by Emily Dickson

In the Centre Square courtyard, there are loads of traditional performances taking place daily, such as folks dances in Okinawa-style kimono, eisa dancing, shishimai lion dances, and Ryukyu karate demonstrations. These shows move indoors to the Kijimuna Theatre on rainy days.

Photo by Emily Dickson

With a long list of trial classes to enjoy, you can try many different activities, whether it’s making something beautiful, cooking a local sweet, or dressing up in classic Okinawa dresses and costumes.

Water buffalo at Ryukyu Mura
Photo by Emily Dickson

The village can be explored in a few hours, making it an ideal half-day trip. Located in Onna, it’s really close to Cape Maeda, the gorgeous coastline, and the Zakimi Castle Ruins.