One of the most stunning spots in Japan, the Shiroyone Senmaida are a draw for photographers and visitors from across Japan.

Using rather unglamerous tiered water-drainage systems, the rice terraces create beautiful cascading landscapes which change throughout the year. The most popular time to visit is in Spring, when the water-filled pools reflect blue skies and sunsets, rice plants just poking through in perfect lines. In Summer, the plants fill their pools, with outlines still visible against the grassy borders. Rice is harvested in early Autumn, with the brown-topped bushels replaced with snow and winter illuminations for the colder months.

The terraces can be reached by car or by local bus, with the final one leaving (frustratingly) during sunset at 6.45pm. If you ask at the tourist information center in Wajima’s old train station, they’ll give you a specific bus time table – google maps is also generally up to date as well though.

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