Wajima Lacquerware Museum

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Name in Japanese: 輪島塗会館
Address: 24-55 Kawaimachi, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa-ken 928-0001, Japan [map]
Phone: +81 768-22-2155 +81 768-22-2155
Hours: 8.30am - 5pm
Admission: Adults: ¥200
Children: ¥100
Website: https://wajimanuri.or.jp/

Focusing on the local lacquerware crafts, this museum is located above a large specialist shop.

With a whole host of examples as well as a really thorough explanation of the processes involved, this museum is small but filled with information. The local style of lacquerware, wajima-nuri, is known for having far more layers added than elsewhere, and is considered more hardwearing. This is shown in the displays which take you through the life of a piece, from carving of the bowl to the final decoration. Even if you’re not that interested in the technique, this museum is genuinely interesting and very visual, so also good for children.

On the ground floor you’ll find a shop selling local examples, and while the prices seem high, hopefully the explanations of the time taken to create each piece will show their value.