Wajima Public Foot Bath

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Name in Japanese: 足湯 湯楽里
Area: Ishikawa
Address: Japan, 〒928-0001 Ishikawa-ken, Wajima-shi, Kawaimachi, 河井町4部169-1 [map]
Phone: +81 768-23-1146 +81 768-23-1146
Hours: 6am - 10pm
Admission: Free
Website: http://wajimanavi.lg.jp/www/view/detail....

A relaxing foot bath in a quiet corner of Wajima City, this is a great spot to soak weary feet.

traditional covered space, it offers the chance to sit on Wajima-nuri seats as you relax. Using natural hot spring water, the baths are good for stiff joints, fatigue recovery and a whole host of other issues, although you can only soak your feet, so you’ll have to hope it works its way up. An unusual addition the baths is a special pet footbath, where dogs (and other pets if you have them) can join in with a relaxing soak.