A small salt farm and shop on the coast, this is a great place to learn about the salt-making process. The salt-fields outside are tended carefully by the mostly female staff and the super-friendly salt-maker. You can have a guided tour of the salt-making process (Japanese required) and try lifting the heavy carrier pots used, as well as spreading the salt water with your best throw. Full salt-making experiences are on offer too, along with a chance to make your own flavoured salt with a range of ingredients in the shop. Both these experiences are an additional charge of around ¥1,000, but the general tour is free.

The shop sells all kinds of salt, including roasted (delicious) and foods that use salt too, like soy sauce and biscuits. Be sure to try the specially made local drink which goes perfectly with one of the small cakes.

While there is a bus stop listed as nearby on the tourist office bus timetable, be aware it is a 1km walk along a road, so not really suitable if you have children or difficulty walking longer distances.