The best spot on the Island to try Yaeyama soba, Takenoko has seating indoor and out, as well as a much needed names-list by the door. You may be faced with a sizeable queue but the turnover is pretty fast, and in nice weather it’s a pleasant place to take a break.

The menu is simple but has everything you need, namely yaeyama soba. The regional dish has island spices and round, thin noodles topped with pork or sometimes vegetables (normal Okinawan noodles are flat) and a tuna, pork and seaweed broth. It’s delicious and the servings are a good size – with a side of the local fried rice a great accompaniment.

We tried all three of the main Soba dishes, with the top dish being the traditional Okinawan Soba, and the one on the right being the local speciality – all were delicious though!

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