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Beppu Kamenoi Hotel
5-17 Chuo-cho, Beppu-shi, Oita 874-0936 Japan
From ¥7,100 /night

100 years of history only 4mn away from the station. Experience the best of Beppu with us.

With its reputation for having more hot springs than any other area in Japan, Beppu is the perfect destination for your traditional Japanese onsen experience. Our recently renovated Beppu Kamenoi Hotel has unparalleled access to Beppu City, while also offering our own hot spring baths.

The hotel is a 4-minute walk from JR Beppu Station, giving you great access to the city and to other areas. Be sure to stop outside the station and admire the cheerful statue of Kumahachi Aburaya, who founded Beppu Kamenoi Hotel and is the “Father of Beppu Tourism”. In this same spirit, our friendly staff is committed to making your stay comfortable and truly memorable. If you are traveling by car, Beppu Interchange is only a 12-minute drive away, while JR Oita Station is 20 minutes away and Oita Airport is accessible in under an hour. Our facilities can easily accommodate parties of any size. Our spacious family accommodations have enough room for all and will provide you with the peaceful night’s rest you need. For younger family members seeking a bit of entertainment, a traditional funfair game arcade can be found close by.

Photo by Agoda

The Beppu Hot Springs are the source of some unique Beppu food specialties, including dishes where they use the steam from the Beppu Hells to cook the food in a natural, additive-free way. Chicken tempura is another delicious local delicacy. Our hotel itself comes with a great range of food options, from the buffet-style eatery of SHIDAKA to the local delicacies of Aburaya Kumahachi-Tei, named after the hotel’s founder.

Don’t miss one of the area’s top attractions – the Mt. Takasaki Monkey Park located at the base of the Takasaki Mountain. With over 1,500 monkeys roaming the area, you’ll be sure to snap some amazing pictures during your visit.