Hiro’s Guest House – Hostel in the Heart of Osaka’s Korea Town

Osaka | 4-9-7 Momodani, Ikuno-ku, Osaka-shi, Japan [map] | +81-90-6676-7393
From ¥2,800/night

Hiro’s Guest House is a hostel in the heart of Osaka’s Korea Town – one of the city’s most interesting neighborhoods.

Photo by Gregory Lane

Accommodation is in bunk beds with about eight beds to a room. Being a hostel, privacy is a bit limited, although each bunk is equipped with curtains.

Photo by Gregory Lane

The area bustles during the day and is quiet in the evenings. Many of the shops along the main street of Korea Town sell food supplies for the local Korean population. Kimchi is almost ubiquitous and the morning chorus of “ohayo gozaimasu” is replaced by “annyeonghaseyo”.

The cafe/dining room on the ground floor has basic kitchen facilities if you want to prepare your own food. Guests can also take one of Hiro’s plates and have it piled high with a variety of Kimchi from Yamada Shoten, three doors down from Hiro’s Guest House.

Photo by Gregory Lane

Hiro himself is a laid back character who is happy to give advice on local attractions, places to eat and where to buy groceries.

Name: Hiro's Guest House
Neighbourhood: Osaka
Access: 0.8 km from Tsuruhashi Station Osaka Loop Line (O4)Sennichimae Line (S19)Kintetsu Nara Line (A4)
0.9 km from Momodani Station Osaka Loop Line (O3)
1.1 km from Imazato Station Sennichimae Line (S20)Imazatosuji Line (I21)Kintetsu Nara Line (A5)
Address: 4-9-7 Momodani, Ikuno-ku, Osaka-shi, Japan
Phone: +81-90-6676-7393
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