Hotel Higashinihon Morioka

Iwate | 3-3-18 Odori, Morioka City, Iwate 020-0022 [map] | 019-625-2131
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Hotel Higashinihon Morioka in Iwate is a short walk from JR Morioka Station’s East Gate. The hotel is 90 minutes by train from Sendai Airport.

The city is home to the Bank of Iwate Red Brick Building, Morioka Castle, and historical buildings from the Showa and Meiji Era. Morioka City’s sightseeing destinations can be reached using the DenDen Mushi loop bus. The shopping area of Ihatov Avenue Zaimokucho is just five minutes’ walk from the hotel.

All rooms have wifi. Single, twin, double, and king rooms are all available. The hotel offers Chinese, European and Japanese restaurants.

Neighbourhood: Iwate
Access: 0.6 km from Morioka Station Tōhoku ShinkansenAkita Shinkansen
Address: 3-3-18 Odori, Morioka City, Iwate 020-0022
Phone: 019-625-2131
Check-in Times 15:00
Check-out Time 11:00
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