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11 Minami 5-chome, Nishi 3-jo, Minami, Nayoro-shi, Hokkaido, 096-0013, Japan
From ¥6,300 /night

Your ideal center for business travel or sightseeing in northern Hokkaido, rebranded and reopened in central Nayoro City in September, 2017.

Photo by Agoda

Just a 10-minute walk from JR Nayoro Station, HOTEL MYSTAYS Nayoro is conveniently located just outside Nayoro Shopping Street—a perfect spot whether you’re looking to eat, drink, or shop! This excellent location is ideal for business and sightseeing in Nayoro City and throughout northern Hokkaido. Whether traveling for business, sightseeing, or just as a rider aiming for Japan’s northernmost tip or for an exhilarating journey to one of the country’s major historic railway hubs, HOTEL MYSTAYS Nayoro offers all the comforts of home.

Choose from a wide variety of guest rooms, including standard semi-double rooms, standard and deluxe twin rooms for two, and Japanese-style rooms for safer accommodations when traveling with children. Inside the hotel, you’ll have access to a large public bath, with separate times for men and women, to help you relax after a tiring day. For breakfast, HOTEL MYSTAYS Nayoro offers a East-meets-West buffet with seasonal dishes made using locally sourced ingredients.

The city of Nayoro itself is nestled in a lush natural environment under a breathtaking star-strewn night sky throughout the year. Just 15 minutes by car from the city center is the Nayoro City Observatory Kitasubaru offering visitors the opportunity to see dark objects in the sky not easily seen under normal conditions. In summer, the city is encircled by sunflower fields covering some 50 ha, creating a beautiful yellow carpet as far as the eye can see. In winter, this frigid region can see temperatures as low as minus 30°C and is swathed a blanket of gentle, silky snow that has earned Nayoro the reputation as the city with the best snow in japan. Winter also brings the opportunity to see “light pillars,” an atmospheric phenomenon in which tiny ice crystals known as “diamond dust” reflect light to create a visible pillar.

Nayoro is also home to an array of delectable gourmet dishes. The most popular local specialty is mochi glutinous rice—considered by many to be the best in Japan. Responsible for one-tenth of all production throughout Japan, Nayoro’s high-quality mochi rice is ideal for various rice cake products. Another must-try dish is braised “Genghis Khan” Mongolian BBQ, a hearty dish considered Naroyo’s soul food. Although “Genghis Khan” is Hokkaido’s most well-known gourmet food, Nayoro’s take on this idyllic dish is made with vegetables and noodles in plenty of delicious sauce. With a wide variety of establishments to choose from, Nayoro Shopping Street near the hotel is the perfect destination for a stroll in search of an enjoyable meal. Thanks to its rich natural environment, Nayoro is home to a variety of delicious crops, from soft and thick asparagus in spring to fresh, luscious melons in summer, enticing sweet corn and pumpkins in autumn, and “Hoshizora Yukimi Spinach” grown under the freezing night skies of winter. Come and discover for yourself everything this northern wonderland has to offer!