Toyoko Inn Akita-eki Higashi-guchi

Akita | 4-1, Naka-machi Higashi-dori, Akita, Akita, Japan 010-0002 [map] | +81 18-889-1045

This hotel is just a short walk from the east exit of Akita Station, so you can alight from the Shinkansen and be in your room in just a few minutes.

Rooms feature a kitchenette, so you can grab ingredients for breakfast or dinner if you don’t feel like wandering the streets looking for an open restaurant on a Sunday evening. Kubota Castle in the middle of Sendshu Park is also nearby.

Toyoko Inn is a popular chain of business/tourist hotels with locations throughout Japan.

Neighbourhood: Akita
Access: 165 m from Akita Station Akita ShinkansenŌu Main Line
Address: 4-1, Naka-machi Higashi-dori, Akita, Akita, Japan 010-0002
Phone: +81 18-889-1045
Price Range From 43USD/night
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