Himeji Castle Light-up and Exhibition

Photo by mzagerp used under CC

The Himeji Castle Fantasy Illumination and “Saijiki” art exhibition are actually two separate events timed to coincide.

The exhibition of contemporary art takes place in the Nishonomaru garden and the Nishinomaru Hyakkanrouka (100 interval corridor) while the illumination takes place in the san no maru square and runs each day from 6pm until 9:30pm.

If you go to the exhibition during the day, you only need to pay the castle admission while if you go in the evening, you have to pay an extra ¥500.

Venue: Himeji Castle
Access: 1.3 km from Himeji Station Sanyo ShinkansenJR Kobe Line (A85)
Web: http://himejijyosaijiki.co...
Link in Japanese
Area: Hyogo
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