May 1
May 24

Kamogawa Odori

¥3,000 – ¥5,500

Featuring the dancers of the Pontocho area, this show has it’s own specially-built theater just off Pontocho called the Kaburenjo theater. The stage is designed to enhance the performance; it curves, allowing for a more immersive experience for the audience. Note that this year there is no optional tea ceremony component.

Performances take place at 12:30pm, 2:20pm and 4:10pm each day. “Special” tickets ¥5,500 can be booked online through the website or over the phone. Regular tickets ¥3,000 can only be purchased from a travel agent, such as JTB, View Plaza etc.

Geisha performances in Kyoto

Kyoto’s public geisha performances are the best way to see the city’s iconic performing artists for a (comparatively) reasonable price. (And is much politer than chasing them through the streets). Other performances on the annual calendar include:

  • Miyako Odori
  • Kyo Odori
  • Gion Odori
  • To prevent the spread of COVID-19, many events have been canceled. Always check official sites before heading to an event.

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