Kamogawa Odori

1st May–24th May, 2020
Kamogawa Odori
Photo by Kamogawa Odori

Featuring the dancers of the Pontocho area, this show has it’s own specially-built theater just off Pontocho called the Kaburenjo theater. The stage is designed to enhance the performance and curves, allowing for a more immersive experience for the audience. There are historical stories and costumes and tickets start from 2,300, going up to 4,800 depending on seat position and inclusion of tea ceremony performed by a Maiko. Performances take place at 12.30pm, 2.10pm and 16.10pm each day. Tickets are available online and on the phone in advance but some will also be offered from 10am on the day – be there early though!

Dates: 1st May–24th May, 2020
Name in Japanese: 鴨川をどり
Entry: ¥2,300 – ¥4,800
Tickets: View tickets
Closest station(s): Gion-Shijo
Web: http://www.kamogawa-odori....
Link in Japanese
Area: Kyoto
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