Kitano Odori

¥5,000 – ¥5,500

The first of the annual Geisha performances in Kyoto, the Kitano Odori is performed by Geiko from the Kamishichen area. It contains three parts, a short play, a series of dances and the Kamishichiken serenade. It began in 1952 to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of nearby Kitan Tenmangu shrine. They have two performances per day at the Kamishichiken Kabukai – one at 2 pm and one at 4.30 pm. Tickets cost ¥5,000 and ¥5,500 depending on the inclusion of tea service and are available from travel agents and online. Note that the tea ceremony with geiko and maiko starts one hour before the performance but if you arrive late, they will prepare a small gift for you instead.

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