Kashima Gatalympics

11th Jun, 2017
Photo by skyeslee used under CC

If you’re a bit puzzled what a ‘Gatalympics’ might be then an easier way to think of this festival is ‘fun with mud’.

The event takes place on the mudflats on the Ariake Sea next to Kashima City in Saga Prefecture. The Gatalympics feature a number of fun events from sumo to racing – all of which are intended to cover the participants from head to tow in brown mud.

The events are open to participation by both locals and visitors.

Dates: 11th Jun, 2017
Venue: Hizennanaura Station
Web: http://www.gatalympic.com/
Entry: Free
Weather Weather data not available
Closest station(s): Hizen Nanaura Station
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