2019 Kobe Port Fireworks Festival

Photo by calltheambulance used under CC

Officially the “Kobe Port Marine Fireworks Festival”, this event is rated as one the top fireworks festivals in the Kansai region.

In past years, approximately a quarter of a million people have gathered to see 15,000 explosive projectiles shot into the night sky. Meriken Park is the main free spot for viewing the fireworks, but expect huge crowds.

The fireworks are launched from barges located between Kobe Harborland and Port Island.

Venue: Meriken Park
Entry: Free
Typical weather at this time
High: 29 ℃Low: 28 ℃
Powered by Dark Sky
Access: 0.9 km from Motomachi Station JR Kobe Line (A62)
1.0 km from Kobe Station JR Kobe Line (A63)
1.6 km from Sannomiya Station JR Kobe Line (A61)
Web: https://kobehanabi.jp/
Area: Hyogo
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