Another one of Beppu’s “7 Hells”, this particular hot pool – as the name would suggest – is a shade of blood red.

The hot pool is set in a lovely natural setting with a waterfall to one side wooded hills surrounding it. As with many other “hells” there is an ashi-mizu pool for soaking your feet. Make sure you bring a small towel if you want to keep your footwear dry.

Entry to Chinoike Jigoku is 400yen for adults. There is also a 2,000yen concession ticket which admits you to all 7 hells.

There is ample free parking and also a restaurant serving “Blood Pond Burgers”.

Photo by Greg Lane

The entrance to Tatsumaki Jigoku (Tornado Hell) is located about 1 minute walk down the hill from Chinoike Jigoku.