Dogo Onsen Honten

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Name in Japanese: 道後温泉
Address: 5-6 Dōgoyunomachi Matsuyama-shi, Ehime-ken 790-0842 [map]
Phone: 089 - 921 - 5141 089 - 921 - 5141
Access: 3.5 km from Matsuyama Station Yosan Line
Hours: 6am - 11pm (bathing hours differ, see above)

Japan’s most famous onsen, this building dates back to 1894 and has (as legend has it) the baths of the Gods and Spirits. It also actually has the baths of the Imperial Family which you can see (but not use) while you can soak away in the baths of the Gods and Spirits for a price…. which isn’t your soul don’t worry, it’s just yen!

Dogo onsen can be reached on the Iyotetsu Line which runs from Matsuyama Station.