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A chance to step back into the Edo-period, Nikko Wonderland has a local town feel with activities, performances and locals in period costume.

Explore local stores with woodblock prints, toys and ceramics before venturing into the experience zones and wax museums. See grisly prison life at the Kodenmacho Jail House, keep your cool at the haunted temple, find your way out of the House of Illusion and try to escape the Ninja trick maze. The family-orientated theme park has a selection of performances like the Grand Ninja Theater, comedy and traditional performances telling tales of love of deception. You can dress up in traditional costumes, try your samurai skills and be a police officer for the day and try games and archery challenges too.

If you arrive from 2pm in summer or 1pm in winter you can save 600 yen from an adult ticket, 300 yen from a child’s and 400 yen from a senior ticket. There are also discounted tickets available for those with disabilities priced at 2,820 (adult full day) 2,460 (adult afternoon), 1,440 (child full day) 1,260 (child afternoon).

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