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Constructed by the Fuji Kyūkō rail company (from which the name is derived) in the shadow of Mount Fuji, Fuji Q Highland is an amusement park famous for its exhilirating roller coasters and character based attractions.


Who here likes roller coasters?

One thing to know about Fuji Q Highland is that it doesn’t mess around when it comes to designing crazy, thrilling roller coasters! Its major roller coasters (two of which were previously the world’s fastest) are:

  • Fujiyama: The tallest and fastest roller coaster, and the holder of numerous world records (10th fastest, 8th tallest, 5th longest). With a maximum drop of 70 meters, it didn’t get the name “King of Coasters” for nothing! The ride gives you a view of Mt. Fuji, although considering how fast it goes, you might be too overwhelmed to look!
  • Dodonpa: Currently the world’s 4th fastest roller coaster, it’s named after the drum beat used to get people fired up before boarding. It’s the world’s fastest-accelerating roller coaster, and it shouldn’t be missed if you want a thrill.

If those still weren’t enough to give you the shock of your life, try the aptly named Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear. This haunted hospital attraction is sure to test your nerves. Fuji Q also has water rides like Great Zaboon and Nagashimasuka to round out the heart-pumping thrills.

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For those looking for a milder experience, Evangelion World is a must visit for Evangelion fans. Meanwhile, children can enjoy Thomas Land, a Thomas the Tank Engine themed area with with rides suitable for small ones.


There are so many rides to choose from.

Fuji Q offers guests two options. You can enter the park for free, and pay for your rides individually, with ride tickets ranging from ¥400 to ¥2,000. The most popular rollercoasters are at the higher end, so this is mostly if you’re here for mild thrills or with children.

Alternatively, we’d recommend buying a one-day pass online. This gives you unlimited access to as many rides as you can squeeze in for ¥6,900. If you’re planning on really getting your heart racing, this is the option for you!


Fuji Q is an pretty easy trip from Tokyo, and your choice of transport comes down to your budget. For the best balance of price and comfort, you can take a highway bus from Shinjuku Highway Bus Terminal. This’ll set you back around ¥2,000 for a one way trip. You can also catch buses from Shibuya, Akihabara, or Tokyo station, albeit less freqeuntly, for around the same price.

There are also trains to the park, although they are pricier and take slightly longer than a highway bus ride will. Head from Shinjuku station to Ōtsuki station on the limited express, which with the extra fare will set you back around ¥2,300. After that, transfer to the Fuji Kyūkō Line to get to Fujikyu-Highland Station. This leg of the trip will cost you ¥1,100 for a one way total of around ¥3,400.

Check out our full article on getting from Tokyo to Fuji Q Highland for more details.

Cheapo Tip: If you’re interested in exploring the area and want to save money on transport, check out the Mt. Fuji Pass. It’ll give you access to loads of local attractions and unlimited local bus and train travel to explore them with!