This unusual theme park is ninja-themed exploration of the Azuchi-Momoyama and Edo periods of Japan’s History.

A time famous for Samurai battles and feuding warlords, this is one of Japan’s most exciting periods to explore. The park is designed like a small castle town, complete with replica of Azuchi castle, period-costume-wearing staff and traditional streets to explore. The park also holds performances including samurai, ninja and oiran as well as activities like visiting a sword-maker, shuriken-throwing and a cosplay set. The park also has hot springs which are included in all of the tickets and can also be accessed on their own for 1,000 yen.

The ticket prices displated are for entrance and hot spring use only, there are additional tickets available that include access to activities like the Ninja Maze, Nyamage Theater, Daininja Theater, Azuchi Castle and others. These tickets, known as the multi-passport, cost 4,900 yen for adults, 3,500 yen for adolescents, 3,000 yen for children and 3,430 yen for seniors. During summer, you can also opt for a Walk-and-Eat ticket for either day or evening, which includes the Multi-Passport attractions as well as food during the day (6,900 yen adults), or food and karaoke in the evening (3,900 adults).

The park is now operating a free shuttle bus at Kintetsu Toba Station at 9.40am. If you arrive at Ise-shi or Ujiyamada stations in Ise, catch the CAN bus or the shuttle service and from Futamigaura station on the Sannomiya line you can reach the park on foot in 15 minutes.

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